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LAVA™ Ultimate

Nanotechnology Makes The Difference:
The most important feature of Lava™ Ultimate is the most innovative Resin Nano Ceramic technology. The material consists of almost 80% percent of nano-ceramic components (zirconia and silica nanoparticles) that are integrated into a highly cross-linked polymeric matrix.

This composition owes Lava™ Ultimate its unique capabilities:

  • Excellent strength and durability
  • High load capacity
  • Brilliant and long lasting, glossy
  • Functional performance

Excellent strength:
Lava™ Ultimate offers with a flexural strength of 200 MPa higher flexural strength than any other CAD / CAM materials that do not require firing step. In addition, Lava™ Ultimate is little brittle and the monolithic structure includes spalling (chipping) of veneering.

Lava™ Ultimate is thanks to these properties in combination with its high resilience ideal for monolithic posterior crowns - even over implants - suitable.

Functional Performance:
Lava™ Ultimate shows less wear of the antagonistic enamel and protects the antagonists. Lava™ Ultimate restorations can be easily customized with Composites, built and refinished.

Lifelike aesthetics:
Lava™ Ultimate offers a brilliant aesthetics and outstanding gloss retention. The milled restorations obtained in just a few minutes a stunning enamel-like luster.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Outstanding strength - highly stable material
  • Tooth-like functionality - durable, very gently to the antagonist
  • Natural aesthetics - brilliant and lasting shine
  • Extraordinary durability
  • Rapid customization - intra-and extra-oral characterize without burning

Lava™ Ultimate is available in eight colors and two levels of translucency, which are based on the color scale VITAPAN® Classical

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